Lisa goes No Impact

Fontys-studenten uit Tilburg deden vorige week hun eigen No Impact Week. Lees hier het verslag van Lisa:

Hello there, hippie speaking once again!
This is (probably) my last article about the NIW.. I’m not saying I won’t participate again, but this is my final article about my 1st NIW!

I know it sounds so lame, but I can recommend participating to a NoImpactWeek to everybody! It really opens your eyes! I know I’ve written kind of funny about it, with the whole pointsystem and everything, but I really learned something (omg can’t belieeeve I’m saying this lol)! All the subjects (garbage, transport, food, energy, water, doing-something-good and ecofriendly) have taught me something, some more than other.

Especially the first day have made an impression on me! I’ll explain..

Garbage, so much garbage. Everybody should just save all their garbage for one day, and then just realise how much it is! And I’m also talking to you, fellow students! Little things like buying snickers at lunchtime cost so much!

Transport wasn’t that big a deal for me, because I always take the bike-train-train-bus to school, but ofcourse this past week I left my bike on the trainstation, so I had to walk. But it was kind of okay, because I know I was doing something good. Well, I don’t know if I’ll walk this easy again when it’s raining, lol, but I did it anyways.
Food, food, food and food. Well I found out biofriendly food is expensive! We have our own little vegetable-garden, so most of the time we’re eating our home-grown-potatoes and vegetables. Even strawberries and raspberries! I know this is a luxury, but I haven’t stood still by the thought of that yet. But Wednesday I went to the supermarket, so I had to buy ecofriendly food, it was expensive but it was part of the deal right!?
Energy was kinda easy. I always take all the plugs out! There’s absolutely no electricity in my room when I’m about to sleep! I even shut my phone down! The only difficulty was to shut down my Ipod, my dear Ipod, my pink love, my musicprovider! And I’m kind of sorry to say, but I won’t change that. I travel more than three hours a day, give me a break and let me listen to some music please!

Water, hmm. I know this comedian who said on tv: ”What’s the deal of those water-saving showerheads? Because I’m a good person I will buy a water-saving showerhead, and I will fill my bath the next time with that water-saving showerhead, instead of my regular one!”. So funny! Okay when you’re taking a bath it doesn’t really matter. But the thought is; you should think about your waterconsumption! And people please realise; this NIW is not to stop you from using water (nore food, energy or whatsowever) but it’s to make you aware of everything you use but you don’t need!

Doing-something-goodSaturday wasn’t that special to me, I’m already a member of Greenpeace, and I check their website weekly, so I’m always kind of good I guess? I suscribed to an action, but then I found out I first have to go to a meeting and a whole bunch of stuff, so that will have a short delay untill I’m less busy with school! And I helped my neighbour and my dad, but I would do that anytime!
EcoFriendly sunday was easy for me, I just slept and slept lol! And I went to my dad, but you can’t blame me for that!

So overall, I think I did a pretty good job!
Too bad there were so little people at our study that participated to the NIW, if there’d be more people, we could have talked and it would be so diferent. Because I saw people buying Twixes, Marses, KitKats and a whole bunch of other stuff, and then I was asking myself; Am I the only one? But fortunately there were few people with me!

Wow, this has turned into a bigger article I’d imagine, but I’m almost finished, don’t worry!
I’ve ‘earned’ +30 1/2 points this week, and to me, that’s a highscore!
I say: Yay for me!

And now you, readers, should participate. Yes you definitely should! Why not?
Visit and get inspired like I got inspired!
Hope you liked reading my adventure, my experience!
Feel free to leave a comment, with +points and -points lol!

Your hippie, Lisa

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