Joining No Impact Week in English…

… is of course possible!

The No Impact Week is a one-week carbon cleanse that allows participants to experience the difference lowering their impact can have on their quality of life, their community, and their planet. The No Impact experience is about discovering how living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle can increase personal fulfillment, health, happiness, and time with family and friends. Beginning Sunday March 10th participants will work through a series of eight daily challenges, from decreasing trash production and home energy use, to eating locally and sustainably. The week will wrap up with a day of Giving Back on Saturday March 16th & an Eco-Sunday of rest on Sunday March 17th.

If you are an English-speaking resident of the Netherlands or Flanders that wants to take up the challenge of No Impact Week together with the other participants of No Impact Week 2013 from March 10-17, please do so! Register via this link and then send us an e-mail with a request for the English manual. We will then send you the manual used for No Impact Week in the United States. The content (especially the links) will differ, but the experience will be the same.

As most of the other participants understand English, please also participate in the discussions on Facebook! And, please send us your blogs, questions, ideas, etc 🙂

PS Check out the news-item on No Impact Week 2010 by The Hague ExpatTV:

The No Impact Project is an international, environmental, nonprofit project, founded  in the spring of 2009. It was inspired by the No Impact Man book, film, and blog. The No Impact Project was conceived by Colin Beavan, aka No Impact Man, following the success of his blog, book, and film, which chronicle his family’s year-long experiment living a zero-waste lifestyle in New York City. Central to his thesis is the notion that deep-seated individual behavior change leads to both cultural change and political engagement. Living low-impact provides a clear entry point into the environmental movement. This thesis is the bedrock of the No Impact Project.

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